Oh Dear, What Do We Have Here?

Oh Dear, What Do We Have Here?

Questions deserve investigation- not answers- investigation. Science, bro.

What we have here is a lack of communication. Not between the two people in the article, but rather, between the person seeking advice, and the answer.

Translation: Decide for yourself the answer to your question.


I say call him.


Don’t Play Dumb

You’re smart. You’re in college. You’re studying an advanced subject. You read a lot. So don’t play dumb. If you only stand up for yourself one confused word at a time, you’ll never get anywhere in life. Being exclusive isn’t a skill. Getting other people to leave you alone, if that is your goal, isn’t difficult. The attention-seeker who enjoys the feeling of superiority by creating the air of confusion reveals their own confusion in life.


Do you have PGS? Pretty Girl Syndrome? The condition occurs when a very beautiful woman goes through life without anyone else telling here when she’s wrong about something, or when she needs to shut up. I meet girls with PGS all the time, but they don’t know they have it. Some of the symptoms include […]

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Take a Chance

They always say, “You’ll meet someone when you aren’t looking”. It’s true! When you do, take a chance! You might be happy with what you find in them. You might be so happy that you feel fortunate just for meeting them. If you hit it off, go with it! When someone has the same scars […]

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Safety Net

Don’t use texts as a way to define a relationship just because it’s safer and easier than saying things to someone in person. Remember that this person you’re trying to distance yourself from is the same guy you called and texted, who you wanted to cook you dinner, and brought you your favorite flowers. So […]

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Follow these commandments or I shall smite you. Totally kidding, I hardly ever smite anyone. 1. Thou shalt not ever meet for the first time for more than coffee/drinks (i.e. something that thou could potentially get out of ASAP if thou’s date beith a total creeper). When your potential match.com boyfriend asks…

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Walking Away

Walking away is never easy. I’ve never been the one to instigate. What do you do, though, when you make yourself very clear with someone and they still do you dirty? Walk away.

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Date Night

Date night. Date night is my favorite night. There’s nothing more flattering than when a beautiful woman gets all dressed up for me and lets me take her out. It’s not flattering, however, when “date night” gets mixed up with “partying with your friends night”- they’re just so different. If you do choose to mix […]

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Best Date Ever

Beer on BART, Club level basketball seats, wrong BART train home (nothing to do with the beer), got on the right train but had so much fun chatting we missed our transfer, random San Francisco adventure: cable car, standing on the running boards and kissing at the top of the hill, sushi and sake bombing, […]

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Pick Up the Phone!

Pick up the phone! Don’t be boring and send a text, even if your emoticons are like :omg! You just might be surprised with the results- actually hearing someone’s voice passes for intimacy compared to a text these days. Worst case, it doesn’t go well and you move on. Or maybe it will blossom into […]

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