Your Birthday should be special. Friends ought to plan something special on their friend’s birthday. Lovers ought to plan something extra special.

Many “romantic” holidays- the anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and even New Year’s Eve these days, can place an artificial burden on a relationship.

Consider your loved-one’s responsibilities and obligations first and foremost. What must they do to fulfill their expectations in life? Everyone must improve their education, accomplish their career goals, and continue to refine their skills while passing on essential knowledge to younger generations.

Follow this procedure: Put your career first, your family second, your friends third, and the love of your life next.

“Career first” implies a hard-earned education, but always apply your skills- work hard. Sacrifice. Your career ought to be your biggest priority because it represents your most valuable opportunity to make a positive change in the world based on the area in which you most greatly excel.

If you succeed in your career, then you can always be there for your family because, when it really comes down to it, sometimes what our families really need is our financial support more-so than our emotional support.

Friends should always be there for you, and they will be long after your lover. So, if you think someone is really special, you should become good friends with them, and they will always be there for you.

If your lover doesn’t bring your favorite flowers to you on your birthday you should dump his ass.

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