Date Night

Date night. Date night is my favorite night. There’s nothing more flattering than when a beautiful woman gets all dressed up for me and lets me take her out. It’s not flattering, however, when “date night” gets mixed up with “partying with your friends night”- they’re just so different. If you do choose to mix the two, forewarned is fair warned: Don’t get upset with him for wanting to hang out with you all night.

Men are not perfect. We screw up. A lot. Especially when there’s alcohol involved. We are all responsible for how much we drink, how we behave when we’re drunk, and we are especially responsible for the consequences of our actions. But don’t confuse the little things with the big things. Forgetting that he had your keys in his pocket? No big deal. Driving drunk? Not cool bro.

I try so hard. Dinners- out at a fancy shmancy place and my favorite: cooking dinner at home. Flowers. Kind words. Doing dishes at her friend’s BBQ. Not being possessive about her going out. Sweet nothings. Pillow talk. Motivational text messages. I put my heart on the line and live life like every day could be my last.

But here I am again.

Alone with my principles.



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